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Please read terms and conditions Carefully

If you proceed to buy any notes from our website ToppersCBSE.com, it meant that you agreed our following terms and conditions.


  1. Our content is copyright of Our website ToppersCBSE.com, so reproducing, copying or editing is strictly prohibited without the permission from us.
  2. Content like Notes are given in colored format in demos, but for better printing these will be provided in Black and white format.
  3. Our Notes may have small watermark with order id that you have after placing order.
  4. Once purchased notes by you, no refund will be issued in any case. So decide before you buy Notes or any course from us.
  5. If any one is found to use our content on any other websites or any other means for internet like mobile application, strong legal action will be taken against the owner of that website or mobile app or admin of any chat groups.