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Cbse class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 6

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 6 Thermodynamics

Download PDF* of Class 11 Chemistry notes Chapter 6 Thermodynamics. Notes of Chapter 6 Thermodynamics contains all the topic as per the syllabus of NCERT. Each topic is explained  in very easy language with colored diagrams. Typical topics are divided into parts so that student can understand  these topics step by step. Class 11 Chemistry notes Chapter 6 Thermodynamics is prepared by our experts as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern Class 11 Chemistry. Derivation of formulas is given in very simple ways after consulting from various books  and expert teachers. Also don’t forget to download Class 11 Notes of other Subjects like Physics, Mathematics Formulas sheets, Biology. Along with Notes, we are also providing Online Quizzes for each Chapters of Class 11 Chemistry and other subjects. Online Quizzes are given topic wise and contains MCQs with timer to attempt the quizzes. After reading the Class 11 Chemistry Notes of Chapter 6 Thermodynamics, students can revise the whole Chapter in Our Online quizzes. 

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CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 6 Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics , Importance of Thermodynamics, Limitation,  Same Basic Terms & Concept, System and Surroundings, Open, Closed and Isolated System, State of a System, State Function, Extensive Properties, Intensive Properties, Thermodynamic   Equilibrium, Thermodynamic Processes, Reversible and Irreversible Processes, Some Thermodynamic Quantities, Internal Energy As a State Function, Work , Electrical Work, Work of Expansion, Work Done In Isothermal Reversible Expansion, Heat, First Law of Thermodynamic, Enthalpy Or Heat Content, Heat of Reaction At Constant Pressure and Constant Volume, Heat Capacity, Specific Heat Capacity, Molar Heat Capacity, Relation Between Cp and Cv, Heat of Reaction Or Enthalpy of Reaction, Exothermic Reaction, Endothermic Reaction, Thermo Chemical Equation, Factors Affecting Heat of Reaction, Quantities of Reactant Involved, Physical State of The Reactant and Products, Allotropic Modifications, Concentration of Solution, Temperature, Different Types of Enthalpies of Reaction, Enthalpy of Combustion, Enthalpy of Formation, Enthalpy of Neutralization, Hess’s Law of Constant Heat Summation, Applications of Hess’s Law, Entropy, Mathematical Expression, Physical Significance of Entropy, Entropy Change Is State Function, Entropy Changes During Phase Transformation, Entropy of Vaporization, Entropy of Sublimation, Entropy Changes of Reaction, Gibb Free Energy, Spontaneous & Non Spontaneous Process, Spontaneous Process, Non Spontaneous Process, Condition For Spontaneity, Third Law of Thermodynamics.

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