Class 9th science notes in hindi medium

CBSE class 9 notes in hindi medium

ToppersCBSE is providing Class 9 Science notes in Hindi medium for CBSE and State boards. Notes are prepared as per marking schemes and contain very easy language. Also Quizzes for Science 9th in Hindi medium are also provided along with NotesOur team is continuously working for better resources for 9th class and other classes. Now the notes are provided in very easy language and topics are as per requirements of the NCERT syllabus. 

CBSE class 9 science notes in Hindi  contains very easy language which help the students to learn and revise syllabus with almost no time. Short key notes for CBSE also contain color diagrams. Because of color diagrams  it becomes very easy to understand the concept applied while proving and explaining the topics. Our team is working continuously for betterment of our students. At present ToppersCBSE is providing revision notes for class 9 for subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

CBSE class 9 science notes in Hindi are downloadable in PDF format so that students can access these anytime, anywhere.  To download notes for class 9 students need to be login our website. After  reading our revision notes  students can attempt  any subjective question paper, multiple choice questions covered from the given syllabus.  So students  are advised to read our notes without any headache and confusion. Online quizzes and assignments and assignments can be used by only registered users.

For any kind of information and query students are requested to contact us  anytime. These are provided free of cost. 


CBSE class 9 science notes in Hindi- Key Features

  • CBSE Class 9th Science notes in hindi are prepared as per the NCERT syllabus.
  • Very easy language and eye catching formatting.
  • Topics are as per syllabus so that students can revise subject in minimum time with maximum accuracy.
  • After reading notes students will not get panic by huge books. After that students also can read any other books with better understanding.


Class 9 Science Notes in Hindi- List of Chapters
  • अध्याय:1 हमारे आस पास के पदार्थ
  • अध्याय:2 क्या हमारे आस पास के पदार्थ शुद्ध है ?
  • अध्याय:3 अणु और परमाणु
  • अध्याय:4 परमाणु की संरचना
  • अध्याय:5 जीवन की मौलिक ईकाई कोशिका
  • अध्याय:6 ऊतक
  • अध्याय:7 जीवों में विविधता
  • अध्याय:8 गति
  • अध्याय:9 बल और गति के नियम
  • अध्याय:10 गुरुत्वाकर्षण
  • अध्याय:11 कार्य तथा ऊर्जा
  • अध्याय:12 ध्वनि
  • अध्याय:13 हम बीमार क्यों पड़ते है ?
  • अध्याय:14 प्राकृतिक सम्पदा
  • अध्याय:15 खाद्य संसाधनों में सुधार

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