Crop Production & Management

8th Science: 1. Knowledge boosters

# 1. Knowledge booster

Here by crops we mean that these belongs to plants.  but according to Wikipedia crops not only mean two plants but  it belongs to animals also.

Thus in real, a crop is a plant or animal product that can be grown and harvested extensively for profit or subsistence.

# 2. Knowledge booster 

Meaning of Kharif and Rabi

These two words are of arabic origin.
In Arabic,
ربيع rabī3 = spring 
خريف kharīf = fall, autumn

# 3. Knowledge booster 

Trick to remember Kharif and Rabi crops (in Hindi).

For Kharif

महर के गधे ने दिल से बाज़ा बजाया


1. म  –  मक्का (maize)
2. हर  –  अरहर (Pigeon Peas)
3. ग  –  गन्ना (sugar cane)
4. धे  –  धान (
5. दिल  –  तिलहन (oil seeds)
6. बा  –  बाजरा
7. जा  –  ज्वार.

For Rabi

आज सच में राई में गेम खेला


1. आ – आलू
2. ज  –  जौ
3. स  –  सरसों
4. च  –  चना
5. राई  –  राई
6. गे  –  गैंहू
7. म  –  मटर


# 4. Knowledge booster 

There is another category of crops other than Kharif and Rabi

Zaid crops : These have time period from March to May.

Mostly there are vines (bels in hindi).

For example: cucumber, muskmelon, watermelon, bitter gourd, pumpkin etc.


# 5. Knowledge booster 

Difference between Kharif and Rabi crops

MeaningKharif crops can be described as the crops which are sown with the beginning of the rainy season.Rabi crops are the crops that are sown after the end of the monsoon, i.e. during the winter season.
Major CropsRice, maize, cotton, groundnut, jowar, bajra, etc.Wheat, peas, gram, oilseeds, barley, etc.
RequirementIt requires huge amount of water and hot weather to grow.It requires warm climate for seed germination and cold climate to grow
FloweringRequire shorter day lengthRequire longer day length
Sowing monthJune – JulyOctober – November
Harvesting monthSeptember – OctoberMarch – April
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