Crop production and Management

Crop production and Management online

Crop production and Management

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About Class

In this module we will learn about crop production  and Management. we have provided a lot of lessons which are made topic wise and also include related quizzes. 

Main features of this  module are :

  • Complete chapter is explained indifferent lessons to explore knowledge is of students.
  • Each lessons contain extra information  that are not given in regular NCERT books or other Publications.
  • Each lessons also contain multiple choice questions fill in the blanks match the following and other types of  questions.
  • NCERT solutions are also provided.
  • Assignments are provided  and will be updated time to time for regular improvements of the student.
  • FAQs are also given in the classes.
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  • : About 3 hours
  • : Related science activities
  • : 45
  • : 8th
  • : 100

NCERT Solutions

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